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MathsMakers partners with schools to reduce the attainment gap and make maths accessible for all.

In-school programmes

8-10 students

Individual work and group activities

Extra help from maths mentors

Weekdays, after school

Online small group tutorials

1 teacher, 3-4 students

Personalised attention

Multimedia, high-quality resources

Weekdays or Saturdays


Ages 10 - 16

Problem solving

“The detailed level of tuition and the standard of resources are the reasons we have used MathsMakers for so many years. They have been outstanding in supporting our students, especially post-Covid. Students and staff at the school all speak highly of MathsMakers.”

- Stuart Preston, Head of Maths - Nower Hill High School, 2021/22

We currently have Trustee and Instructor Vacancies

Programmes for students in years 6-11

Helping Year 6 students get secure before moving to KS3

Helping Year 7s navigate transition

Helping Year 8 and 9 students stay focused and gain momentum

Helping GCSE students master topics and feel ready for their exams

MathsMakers delivers excellent, personalised support

Working in partnership with schools enables us to address the specific gaps in students' knowledge and skills that each school wants to target.

Our dedicated, experienced and highly-qualified instructors come to know our students well and help them build confidence in their maths learning.

Regular contact with parents and carers reassures them regarding their child’s progress, and makes our work a joint effort towards success.


MathsMakers breaks down the gaps, boosts attainment and builds confidence.

“The classes are small so it’s more personal and easier to understand” - Student

“The tutorials are friendly, engaging and have good teaching. I understood the topics quickly with the teacher explaining. The diagrams in the questions helped a lot.” - Student

"Thank you for everything and for wishing me luck. Honestly, you're a lifesaver. If it wasn't for you I'd have failed a lot, a lot, trust me. Thank you so much and I couldn't ask for any better than a kind and good teacher like you.”

- Student

Our Offer

Dedicated liaison person with school; prompt, reliable and professional service

Regular student assessments - from baseline, to progress quizzes, to final test

Student voice through feedback questionnaires and focus-group discussions

Reminders and updates for parents regarding tutorial dates and times, absences, engagement, progress - texts, emails and phone calls

Individual student reports highlighting gains, areas for further improvement, and recommended resources

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