High-Quality Intervention Programmes Online

Covid-19 has had a significant impact on all our lives. In maths education, as in all parts of education, it has affected both teaching and learning in far-reaching ways. At MathsMakers, we are ready and eager to address the challenges and embrace the opportunities that we all now face. 


Like many schools and education organisations, MathsMakers responded to lockdown by migrating our maths support online. We adapted our teaching style to online learning. In live sessions, we engaged students using a variety of multimedia resources and platform interactivity features. We continued to seek feedback from the students on their learning experience and adapted our approach and content to meet their needs in improved ways. 

In 2021/22, almost all students continue to need to catch up on their maths learning. For many, it will be ‘catch-up on catch-up’ due to the widening attainment gap between disadvantaged students and their peers. At MathsMakers, we will continue our close collaboration with schools as we deliver high-quality online maths intervention. We are looking forward to making a difference for each of the students we work with.

MathsMakers 2022/23

Working in collaboration with schools

Helping students do well in maths

In-person and online

Small-group tutorials

12-week programmes

For students in years 6-11

Taught by experienced maths teachers and tutors

Extra support from Sixth-Form mentors

What Do Schools Say?

“I found MathsMakers to be the best among many outside organisations I’ve had experience with that offer mathematics intervention in schools. Thanking MathsMakers for the care and professionalism they bring to their programmes. It was a great pleasure working with such a dedicated and committed team. Our year 7 and 11 students at Park High School thoroughly enjoyed the sessions which has an impact on their attainment over time.”

Mine Bayar, Head of Maths

Park High School

“The quality of resources and the level of attention given to the students were excellent, far superior to what the school would have had capacity for.  We would recommend MathsMakers to other schools.”  


Mark Kennedy, Head of Maths

Nower Hill High School