Students Improve their Attainment

Tracking Student Progress

MathsMakers tracks student progress throughout the programme. An Individual Learning Plan is used to facilitate assessment for learning. Students use their plans throughout the programme to monitor their learning and decide next steps. For summative assessment, we evaluate the scores of an end-of-programme test against a baseline test taken at the start of the programme.

To date, over 80% of students with high attendance in the programme have improved their scores. The average improvement between the baseline test and final test has been nearly 20 percentage points.


Improving Attitudes to Learning

Many students have also shown improvement in their confidence levels and their attitudes to learning. Their participation during sessions improved as the programme progressed.


During focus group discussions, students have reported feeling better about maths and their learning. They have told us they enjoyed the activities and the collaborative work. They have said they would recommend the programme to their friends.


What Do Students Say?

“I became more confident. Before, I hated maths but now I think I can do it. I can do the things I thought I couldn’t do.”    

“I feel more engaged than before.  Before I came to MathsMakers, I wasn’t really interested in Maths.  But, since we have been doing the maths puzzles and maths magic, it is kind of more interesting."

“I thought it would be boring, that it wouldn’t be fun but I found it good - you got a chance to learn with others - I liked it more than other maths.”


Mentors Acquire Transferrable Skills

Gaining Work Experience and Skills

Students in Years 11-13 volunteer as MathsMakers Mentors to gain new skills and to enhance their CVs.

Mentors get over 20 hours of experience in maths mentoring. They receive training, guidance and feedback throughout the programme. They also receive a reference letter from their MathsMakers instructor. Moreover, their work can count for accreditation. 

When the mentors were asked about their experiences with the programme, they unanimously gave MathsMakers a positive vote. All claimed they had benefited from their mentoring experience and that they would recommend MathsMakers to their friends.

What Do Mentors Say?

"Being a MathsMakers mentor was a good learning experience for me. I learned to mentor and teach others in the programme. I am also better able to help my little sister because I have learned to be patient and to ask open questions.  In addition, I have learned some basic things about maths myself. I would recommend the programme to my friends."

"In MathsMakers, I learned the importance of communication, team work and empathy. Empathy means looking at the world from another person's perspective."

"Through my mentoring experience, I learned that things can be better than you thought. It is important to remove prejudice, take chances and embrace opportunities."


Outcomes & Impact