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Students improve in their confidence and attainment

Tracking Student Progress

MathsMakers tracks student learning and progress throughout the programme. At the start and end of each programme, students are assessed using a Baseline and Final test. At regular points during the programme, there are topic quizzes.


We endeavour to make assessment a positive and constructive part of our programmes, aimed at helping students see the gaps that need addressing and celebrate each step of their progress. 


  • Over 85% of students with high attendance in our programmes have improved their MathsMakers test scores. 

  • Across all our 2021/22 programmes, the average improvement between the baseline test and final test in MathsMakers test scores has been 20-25 percentage points. 

Improved Attitudes to Learning

Many students have also shown improvement in their confidence levels and their attitudes to learning. Their participation during sessions improved as the programme progressed.


During focus group discussions, students have reported feeling better about maths and their learning. They have told us they valued the help with exam preparation, and enjoyed the puzzles and problem-solving activities. They have said they would recommend the programme to their friends.

Feedback from our students

  • 80% of MathsMakers students say they feel they have made good or very good progress during their MathsMakers programme.

  • Compared to the start of their programme, 82% of students tell us they feel happier about their maths learning and more optimistic about improving further. 

  • 73% of students say that they feel more confident about asking questions and discussing their work during tutorials.

  • 90% of students and 100% of parents say they would recommend, or strongly recommend, the MathsMakers programmes of learning and support.


When asked what was the best thing about MathsMakers, our students told us …

  • “Going through questions and figuring out how to answer them”

  • “Having the chance to improve in maths in such a easy way and short period of time”

  • “I got to answer questions and it has helped me improve my confidence when answering questions and explaining my work and this has helped me improve much more.”

  • “We did practice questions and exam papers and the teacher helped me if I didn't know how to do it. I think it was the best thing.”

  • “It helped a lot when we went through the work together and when we learn about new topics”

  • “It helped me realise where I am going wrong when answering some questions”

Feedback from school teachers

  • “The students seemed more engaged and positive [following their MathsMakers programme].

  • “In most students, not all, I have seen improvement - I have noticed a boost in confidence and a willingness to persevere.”

  • “One student improved while he was in the MathsMakers programme but after that he went back to a poor attitude.”

  • “Yes, these students seemed more engaged and confident - they seemed more willing to try. They are more likely to participate in class discussions.”

  • “For some students, MathsMakers has helped tremendously with their resilience. I have also noticed a more focussed attitude.”

Success story - Bella

Bella entered the programme with a good baseline score of 69%.  She was a very conscientious participant in the programme, attending 11 out of the 12 sessions, and was unique in the group in completing all the homework.  Bella was a student who really benefited from working closely with a mentor.  For example, her mentors noted her difficulties calculating with negative numbers and we were able to support this with additional practice. They also encouraged her to show her working more clearly and be more organised in her setting out.


Initially, Bella was very quiet during the tutorials. As the programme progressed, her growing confidence was evident both in her increased willingness to offer answers and suggestions in plenaries and the noticeable improvement in the pace of her work.  She scored a commendable 84% in the algebra recap quiz.


Personal Attention

Students attend MathsMakers online programmes in groups of 4. This helps us ensure that each student receives some individual attention and allows the instructor to tailor the tutorials to closely meet the needs of students.


For our in-person programmes, the group size is typically 10 students. In addition to attention and support from the instructor, students have 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 help from Sixth-Form mentors. Mentors help students stay on task. Students feel free to ask questions and have space to discuss their work.

Supporting SEND students

30-40% of students in our MathsMakers programmes have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). All our instructors have experience and expertise in working with SEND students. We work closely with our schools to understand each student’s needs and adapt the teaching and learning accordingly.

Success story - Josh

Josh (not the student’s real name) attended one of our online MathsMakers programmes in 2021. At the start of the programme, he was shy and reluctant to participate during the tutorials. With patience and encouragement, the instructor helped Josh to engage more actively. She adjusted the level and pace to meet his needs so that he became “enthusiastic about doing the Maths practice and would ask questions if he had doubts”. 


Josh had 1-on-1 attention in two tutorials when the other students in his group were absent. His instructor explained that Josh “definitely benefited from the programme as he was shown step-by-step guidance when working on questions”.


Josh’s parent provided the following feedback:


“I am grateful for the extra maths support that my son has received.  My son has special needs.  He may remember everything that he has been taught today and then tomorrow morning will tell you he does not know how to do it, even panics.  His grade may be 90% one day and for the same sums the next day it will be 30%. It all depends on how his brain is functioning on the day,  So, I am grateful to MathsMakers as I feel the extra support helped my son to retain more information.  


My son’s attitude to learning maths depends a lot on whether he likes the teacher.  His ability to like a subject depends on the teacher's approach. My son was enthusiastic after the first MathsMakers session.  When he had difficulty understanding the teacher, he told me that he requested the teacher to repeat what she said. He liked it when the teacher did that and he could learn at his own pace.  


The communication with MathsMakers has been brilliant.  Even from the beginning when I was worried if teachers were aware of my son’s needs, I appreciated that you always responded promptly whenever I communicated with you.”  

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