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MathsMakers is a registered charity.  Our programmes are partly funded by direct charges to participating schools in the form of a nominal fee per student per programme.  Direct charges make up approximately 80% of the running cost of each programme. We rely on other sources, including grants and private contributions, to cover the remainder. 

We want to make our programmes available to schools and students who need them. Please consider funding one of our programmes.

We would be delighted to receive your financial support.  Please write to


Observing MathsMakers in action

When feasible, we create opportunities for funders and supporters to see our programmes in action, either by attending one of our in-persion tutorials or joining online. 

“Coming along to the MathsMakers tutorial was a really refreshing experience for me. Being a young person, throughout the pandemic I have seen how online learning hasn't been very engaging for my peers, so my apprehension was even more for an age cohort younger to me. 


I'm glad to say I was pleasantly surprised with MathsMakers. Through competitive maths activities, the children participated enthusiastically. All had their cameras on and I could see a relationship between the tutor and themselves. I think what went well is that MathsMakers has been able to mimic the in-person environment in its online tutorials. 


I loved how creative the young people were.  One of them kept winning each round of the competitive game. When asked how, he could explain his tactic to get the answers quickly. It was great to see how the innovative and problem solving nature was instilled in the students.


I really enjoyed observing the MathsMakers tutorial! Thank you so much.”

Mathura Sharma, Change Champion at Young Harrow Foundation

Sponsor us

We are grateful for the endorsement and funding received from John Lyon's Charity, Securing Success, Young Harrow Foundation, Harrow Council, London Freemasons' Charity, Souter Charitable Trust, Tesco Bags of Help/Groundwork and 8C Capital.

Our thanks also to the individuals who have supported us so generously with enthusiasm, time and donations.

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