Mentoring Opportunities For Years 11-13

What Do Mentors Do?

Mentors work with one or two students from Year 7 or Year 8 in weekly sessions which last 60-90 minutes each.  Mentors are expected to make a commitment for approximately 40 hours of mentoring over 20 weeks.


What Training Do Mentors Get?

MathsMakers provides mentoring training prior to the start of each programme. Mentors become familiar with our philosophy and approach. They develop skills in asking open-ended questions and building rapport. They learn about the structure and content of the MathsMakers sessions. 


Throughout the programme, mentors are supported by a MathsMakers instructor. The instructor is in charge of the overall organisation of each session, and he/she guides mentors with preparation, and provides feedback.


How Do Mentors Benefit?

Mentors receive training and approximately 40 hours of experience in maths mentoring. They also receive a full report and a reference letter from the MathsMakers supervisor. Their work will count for accreditation with the Duke of Edinburgh, ASDAN or Edexcel BTEC, in accordance with the school's arrangement with any of the accreditation programmes.


An additional benefit of working as a mentor is that mentors make new friends and have fun. They are also regarded as role models by the years 7 and 8.

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What Do Mentors Say?

"Being a MathsMakers mentor was a good learning experience for me. I learned to mentor and teach others in the programme. I am also better able to help my little sister because I have learned to be patient and to ask open questions.  In addition, I have learned some basic things about maths myself. I would recommend the programme to my friends."

- Year 12 student


"In MathsMakers, I learned the importance of communication, team work and empathy. Empathy means looking at the world from another person's perspective."

- Year 12 student


"Through my mentoring experience, I learned that things can be better than you thought. It is important to remove prejudice, take chances and embrace opportunities."

- Year 13 student


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