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Quality Mark


  • In recognition of our successful maths intervention programmes at schools, MathsMakers received the Quality Mark accreditation from the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (NRCSE) in March 2019. 

Excerpts from the Report


"You have successfully completed a 360 degrees quality assurance of your supplementary school. This quality assurance includes:


  • governance training and revision of all the school’s policies and procedures to ensure that provision is both safe and effective;

  • observational visits of classes in action by a professional supplementary schools’ mentor and a witness report detailing the learning environment, teaching taking place, assessment of the school’s planning, including evaluation and community engagement;

  • preparation of a portfolio of evidence which has been scrutinised by experts in the fields of education and community sector management. 


Outstanding MathsMakers achievements:

  • presentation of well-organised systems for curriculum, monitoring and evaluation, assessment and reporting;

  • excellent partnership with schools;

  • range of response for different ages, e.g., Sixth Form mentors play an important role in engaging year 7/8 students and creating a positive learning environment, while Year 11 students work in small groups with a teacher to meet their needs and build confidence."

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