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Online Programmes

1 teacher, 3-4 students

Personalised attention

Multimedia, high-quality resources

Weekdays or Saturdays


“The lessons and resources were clearly structured and supported students with ongoing school-based tasks. There was a focus on Mathematical language which helped students think about how to articulate their responses. The use of videos alongside verbal explanations also benefited students; they were visual and auditory and added another layer in supporting the learning. Students had opportunities to review parts of the videos on any areas they misunderstood, and could link concepts to examples in the tutorial PowerPoint presentations. Overall, the learning of the students who have engaged with these sessions can be seen as a success."

Ian Smith, Maths Intervention Coordinator - Preston Manor High School, 2019/20

Live and Interactive

Each MathsMakers online intervention programme comprises live sessions in which students participate through audio and video.

Tutorials run for 60 minutes per week. Students access the tutorials from school or from home, on weekdays after-school or on Saturdays.

In each tutorial, the instructor uses multimedia resources to explain concepts and work through examples. Students develop their knowledge and skills by working on assigned questions and participating in discussion. To support assessment-for-learning, there are regular opportunities for multiple-choice quizzes and student-voice questionnaires.

Personal Attention

Students attend MathsMakers online programmes in groups of four. This helps ensure that each student receives some individual attention and allows the instructor to tailor the tutorials to closely meet each student’s needs.


Instructors use the online capabilities of each learning platform to track student learning and progress. Periodic reports are sent with the student’s regular maths teacher in school. Regular updates are also sent to parents and carers.

Experienced and Qualified Instructors

All MathsMakers instructors are trained for delivering maths intervention classes online. This includes online teaching methods as well as technical skills. In addition, our instructors have substantial experience in online one-to-one maths tutoring.


Planned in Collaboration with Schools

The content of each online programme is agreed in consultation with schools. As required, it is closely linked to the school maths scheme of work and provides pre- and post-teaching support around school maths lessons. Also, specific attention is given to core catch-up in foundation topics.

Secure Online Learning Platform

MathsMakers adheres to best practices for delivering online teaching, in consultation with our schools.  In advance of accepting a student into a programme of online learning, MathsMakers requires a signed Home Learning Agreement with parents and carers.


Tutorials are delivered on Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other platforms that meet the school’s requirements.

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