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Our Philosophy

Learning maths is important

We believe all children and young people need an education that will make them mathematically competent and proficient, and that will equip them appropriately for the future.

Everyone learns at their own pace

We believe that all young people need opportunities to explore maths at their own pace so as to enhance their understanding, and their reasoning and problem solving skills. We recognise that young people have different ways of learning, questioning and apprehending the world of maths.


Most students need extra help beyond the school day

Schools endeavour to provide a good education for all students. They face significant challenges due to curriculum pressures, resource constraints and the wide range of needs of the students they teach.


Most students need additional, personalised time and help with their maths learning. Many get this through their family support. Many rely on additional support organised through their school.


We are convinced that young people will benefit the most when their learning and support is planned in consultation with their school maths teachers, and with regular communication with their parents and carers.

Learning needs to be stimulating and encouraging

We believe that students can learn best when they feel relaxed and accepted, and when they are encouraged to overcome challenges and barriers. 


We recognise that students' curiosity must be stimulated and that there must be aspects of their maths learning that are fun. We believe in the value of functional learning when students have opportunities to explore and learn maths through contexts that are relevant to them.


We believe in reminding each student of their fundamental value and their tremendous potential to learn and to grow.


We believe in the value of peer learning.  Students teach and learn from each other.  This way, learning becomes a co-operative and active process.

Students need opportunities to talk about maths

We believe that students learn maths by talking about maths.


MathsMakers encourages students to ask questions and to talk through their thinking and reasoning as they answer questions.


Through open-ended questions and frequent opportunities for articulating their understanding, we believe that young people can become more confident in their learning and can start to realise their capacity to improve further.

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