You Can Do Maths!

What To Expect From MathsMakers?

If you are in Years 7, 8 or 9 and find maths difficult, MathsMakers can help you. You will work with a partner and be supported by a mentor.


We will take you through a programme which will

  • answer your questions and help you understand your maths school work

  • make sure you understand core concepts 

  • review what you have not understood in class

  • help you think mathematically

  • support you through solving Maths problems


Examples of Activities

  • Bean bag games to help secure times tables

  • Races with mentors to practice mental maths

  • Planning an outing to see maths in action

  • Puzzles to explore equations from a different perspective

  • Playing with apples and bananas to grasp concepts of algebra

  • And, we all love Maths Magic!

Take Control of Your Own Learning

Learning Diary

Students review their learning and complete a Learning Diary at the end of each session. The Learning Diaries help MathsMakers design the best programme to support your individual needs.  

What Do Students Say?


– Year 7 student


“MathsMakers makes me feel more confident and comfortable with maths. Makes it easier.” 

– Year 7 student


"I enjoy working in pairs and learning from each other. I understand maths more now.”

– Year 7 student

One student designed a logo for MathsMakers after-school sessions and described maths as fun!