The attainment gap between disadvantaged students and their peers has widened significantly due to Covid-19. The loss of learning time has become an issue for all students. Addressing these challenges is crucial for the future of our children and young people. Donations make it possible for MathsMakers to work with more students. Thank you.

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We are grateful to the encouragement and donations received from our network of friends and supporters. Furthermore, we are thankful for the endorsement and grants received from John Lyon's Charity, Souter Charitale Trust, London Freemasons' Charity, Securing Success, Young Harrow Foundation, Harrow Council, and Tesco Bags of Help/Groundwork, and support received from Young Barnet Foundation and Young Brent Foundation.

- The MathsMakers Team

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MathsMakers is a registered charity.  Our programmes are partly funded by direct charges to participating schools in the form of a nominal fee per student per programme.  Direct charges make up approximately 50% of the running cost of each programme. Therefore, we rely on other sources, including grants and private contributions. 

We want to make our programmes available to schools and students who need them. Please consider funding one of our programmes.

We would be delighted to receive your financial support.  Please write to

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