Working with Your School

We are looking forward to extending our MathsMakers programmes to additional schools in the Greater London area. Please contact us to explore how we can tailor a MathsMakers intervention programme to fit your school's requirements in 2022/23.

Arrange for a 15-minute presentation during lunchtime or a staff meeting and see a sample of our resources and our teaching and learning plans.


We invite you to take a look at the MathsMakers Impact Report, get in touch with us, and find out why some students described their MathsMakers experience as follows:

“MathsMakers makes me feel more confident and comfortable with maths. Makes it easier.” 

"I enjoy working in pairs and learning from each other. I understand maths more now.”

Thank you,

Helena and Michelle

Please use the details below to contact us.


Helena Mullins, Director

Email: h​

Phone: 07816 916538


Michelle Lee, Director 


Phone: 07747 007688 




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